Military Families (Purple Star School)
  • Academic Planning for Potential Students - Annette Edwins or Retha Paugh (School Counselors)
  • School Military Point of Contact - Victor Lowrimore
  • WBMS Military Family Life Counselor - Dale Perkins

  • WBMS School Mental Health Counselor - Kristen Castinado

    Woodlawn Beach Middle School reserves at 5% of controlled open enrollment seats, as defined in Section 1002.31, F.S., for military students.

​Navy School Liaison Officer

Dawn Kaunik NAS Whiting Field SL Bldg 1417 Rm 18 7180 Langley Stree Milton, Florida 3257 Phone: 850-665-6105 Email: Site: Whiting Field School Liaison Officer

​Air Force Liaison Officer

Lacey Alle 1 SOFSS/FSF 220 Lukasik Avenu Bldg 9021 Hurlburt Fld, FL 3254 Phone: 850-884-6829 Fax: 850-884-2600